Away we go to Chiang Mai…

In November Matt and I were finally able to take a trip together in Southeast Asia. The opportunity to explore this part of the world was one of the reasons we decided to make the move to Singapore so it felt good to take our first trip. We chose to go to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our timing was perfect because we were there during Loi Krathong (Lantern Festival for those of you who don’t speak Thai). During the festival thousands of people release sky lanterns made of paper into the air they also release floating banana-leaf containers decorated with flowers and candles onto the rivers to worship the Goddess of Water.

My camera was not behaving (AKA- I’m not a good enough photographer) so I had to borrow this picture to show you what it was like.


We made friends while having a beer at a riverside bar. In our little group of 6 we represented France, Spain, Holland and US. We did a group Lantern and wrote wishes/ messages on the sides.

302824_10151106700216198_1087041783_n    31576_10151106700526198_2137399034_n    IMG_2365  IMG_2357

The rest of our trip included exploring the beautiful Buddhist temples, Matt getting a 2 hour Thai Massage, eating amazing Thai food, shopping at the night bazaar and spending time lounging by the pool.



IMG_0836   IMG_0835


   IMG_2292   IMG_2295


IMG_0853   IMG_0802


IMG_0816   IMG_2174

IMG_2133   IMG_2377

IMG_2245   IMG_2241

IMG_2228   IMG_2371

IMG_2202  IMG_2182

It was such a great trip! We highly recommend Chiang Mai.


Em & Matt


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