1 Month anniversary!

I can’t believe we’ve lived here a month already!  I thought the best way to reflect upon this significant life moment was to make a high/low list. So here we go:



Having to say good bye to my family & friends Seeing Matt’s adorable smile when he picked me up at the airport
Cell phone drama Finally having a phone that was mine & worked
Our temporary housing’s slow internet, uncomfortable couch (see above picture) and an oven that blows all fuses when you turn it on Having housekeeping come every other day with fresh towels, new sheets and washes the dishes in the sink
House Hunting Finding & getting our place
Missing everyone at home Meeting awesome people who are friendly, helpful and very welcoming
Missing my boys: Tobin, Sky & Griffy Skyping with the boys, getting to see Sky blow out his birthday candles, Griffy saying “I love you” & watching Tobin eat in his high chair
Milk and most dairy products Amazing Asian food

We are so excited for all the adventures and experiences that the coming months will bring.

All our love,

Em & Matt


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