embarrassing moments with Emily…

I had a feeling this was going to be a consistent post on the blog. Here’s a picture of me with a small bag of ice on my face.

Why do I have a bag of ice on my face? Well in my awesome clumsiness I got home and dropped our apartment key on the floor while trying to set it on the dining room table.  I swooped down to pick it up and hit my face on the back of the stupid chair. I really hope the swelling goes down and I don’t have a burse. Matt and I are going to a black tie boxing match at the Ritz-Carltonon Saturday.  More on that later…



One thought on “embarrassing moments with Emily…

  1. Awwww-my poor baby! I hope the ice helps. I’ve walked into doorways before so I can relate.
    Look on the bright side, maybe you’ll start a new trend of one puffy eyebrow??? I hope it heals really fast – keep using that ice! xoxo

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