embarrassing moments with Emily…

I was going to have a very productive today. I had a whole list and everything. First however I needed to work out, shower & get ready. The first two things went off with out a hitch. Then I made the ill-fated decision to dry my hair using a large round brush. Now if there are any guy friends reading this I’ve included pictures to help you follow along. Here

is what a round brush looks like:

And this is what my hair was supposed to look like after:

However I got my round brush completely and utterly tangled in my hair. This is what it looked like:

After about 15 minutes of struggling to free myself I broken down and called matt. He was on is way to a meeting and could be home at 5. It was 3:30…

Matt arrived home and spent the next 20 minutes pulling my hair out of the brush. This is what it looked like when I was finally free:

We promptly threw the brush out and went out to grab pizza & beer. I love you Matt!


4 thoughts on “embarrassing moments with Emily…

  1. I can totally tell that he’s laughing in the background…I love this. And I have no idea how to use those brushes…now I’m frightened to try :).

  2. Yikes – I did something like that a looong time ago and had to cut the brush out! Good thing you had Matt! Yay Matt!!!

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