iphone heart break

You would have thought Saturday was Christmas morning the way I was acting. I was SO excited that I was finally going to get my new phone. I wish I was one of those people who enjoyed being “unplugged” but I’m not.

After breakfast at our favorite breakfast place, Cafe Epicurious (well to be honest this is the only place I’ve tried but it’s really good and we’ve gone every weekend since I got here so it makes it our favorite for now), we headed to SingTel (Singapore’s version of Verizon). Because I’m in Singapore on a dependent pass I can’t do anything important without Matt. It’s kinda annoying but I’m dealing with it.

After patiently waiting for what felt like hours (it was only 30 minutes but it felt longer) I had my new phone in hand. I was so happy. That afternoon I went on another house hunting trip with our realtor (that will be it’s own post). I diligently took photos to show matt. Once home I charged my new phone and got ready to head out for dinner. That’s when disaster hit…

My phone went cuckoo bananas. It wouldn’t turn back on and even though it was off it kept getting warmer and warmer. It finally cooled off and I was able to start it only to have it do the same thing again only this time it got really hot. I thought for sure it was going to blow-up. I stopped interacting with it at this point.

Poor Matt had to leave work on Monday morning to go with me to return the phone and get a new one. Which, I’m happy to report is working just fine.

Big hugs,



Maybe this was karma for stealing that iphone that one time…


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