House Hunters International the Hulen Addition

So to date we’ve seen 25+ apartments. This has been spread out over four different house-hunting trips that are super exhausting and at times very frustrating. Here are the biggest issues with trying to find a place in Singapore:

1)   It’s crazy expensive it’s ranked in the top 10 most expensive places to rent in the world.

2)    Communication barriers, yes most people speak English but that doesn’t mean you can always understand what they are staying and they can’t always understand what we’re saying.

3)   Apartments that are reasonably priced get multiple offers which ends up hiking the price up to an unreasonable amount!

Number 3 happened to us today and I’m still very upset about it. I saw the unit on Saturday took matt to see it on Sunday and we made a rental offer that same day only to have some a-hole offer 300 dollars over asking price and snatched it way. Really hoping it won’t take viewing another 20 places to find another option… Wish us luck we are going to need it.


Em & Matt


3 thoughts on “House Hunters International the Hulen Addition

  1. Em! Umm….ditto! We seriously have been doing the exact same thing. I don’t think Maputo ranks on the list, but it is certainly pricey for us and we’ve also been searching non-stop only to get places stolen away from us, prices unexpectedly jacked up, or other general sketchiness. Ugh – good luck! Enjoy the adventure!

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