The first of many embarrassing moments with Emily…

Yesterday morning started off like any other morning. Matt and I walked down to the little breakfast buffet that our temp housing provides and enjoyed our breakfast. Matt kissed me goodbye and went off to work. I cleared our table and did one last look to make sure we didn’t leave anything behind. That’s when the trouble started.

Sitting at Matt’s vacated spot was his black iphone or so I thought…I quickly snatched the phone and ran out of the building hoping to catch him before he made it all the way to work. I was half expecting to run into him on his way back to get his phone but he never showed. This should have been my first clue. As I ran/walked down the sidewalk I thought I’d send him an email to let him know that I “saved the day” and had his phone. Because he has his work email on the phone it requires a 4 number password. I quickly typed in the password and it didn’t work (clue number 2) I did it again thinking I must have miss typed it and got the same error message. This was when it finally dawned on me…

I turned over the phone to find that although the front was the same as Matt’s the back was very different. I sprinted back and was able to find the rightful very pissed owner of the phone. I was mortified. The poor women used her cell phone to “chope” the table. What is chopping you ask?  Well it is a common act here is Singapore, here’s the definition: Chope v. to reserve (a place, a seat, table, etc.). People use a variety of different items to “chope” such as small packets of tissue, napkins, bags and apparently iphones.

Big Hugs, Em


7 thoughts on “The first of many embarrassing moments with Emily…

  1. Whilst reading this i was picturing a ninja stalking behind you prepairing to ninja/karate chop you wrist and retrieve his phone with your hand still attached.

  2. Simple mistake, but very funny! And I learned a new word today! 😉 What a fun adventure you guys are on! 🙂

  3. Hi I’m a Singaporean who’s migrated to Melbourne, Australia – I’ve often wondered about a foreigner’s take on this silly ‘chope-ing’ practice. Looks like you took it with a pinch of salt. Trust me, a lot of us wish this could be banned haha!

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